Every bar is hand made with love.

One of life’s simplest pleasures is a bar of natural handmade soap.

What do you want from a bar of soap?

A few years ago, I started making soap. I never even knew that was a thing but there we were, my son Michael and I, in the local craft store looking at soap supplies. Until then, all I knew of soap was what I purchased at the supermarket- blocks of boring, overly scented, chemical ridden soap. Don’t get me wrong, who really pays attention to soap? It serves a purpose – to clean. What else do you want from it?

My answer:

I want it to be pretty, smell good, be good for me and be made of things that come from nature – not a manufacturing plant.

Why buy our handmade soap?

Because it’s good for you, it’s good for the environment, it’s beautiful and because it’s made with love and attention by someone just like you who wants to be healthy and feel good.

I encourage you to try for yourself. Select a bar (or two) and bring a little joy to your daily routine!

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