Refreshing Eucalyptus Mint Gift Set


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Each lovely set includes one beautiful hand poured soy wax candle and one coordinating Eucalyptus Mint hand soap! Packed together in a gift box, this set is ready to be gifted to that someone special!

Our Eucalyptus Mint Natural Soy Wax Candles are hand poured in beautiful collectible metal containers. They are 5 ounces of highly scented wax made in small batches. Adorned with dried botanicals, these candles are perfect anywhere in your home and make wonderful gifts!

Each 4 ounces hand soap is individually crafted and has its own unique color and design. Made with honey and goats milk soap, Eucalyptus Mint and fragrance and Eucalyptus leaves this soap has a wonderfully woody scent! Paired with the Eucalyptus Mint Soy Candle, this makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Allergy warning - people with skin sensitivities or allergies should test on a small area of skin. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.


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