Mini Mermaid Tails, Set of 8


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Our beautiful Mermaid favors, made with pure glycerin soap, are beautifully hand crafted works of art! These favors come in a variety of colors. The fragrance is a decadent and indulgent blend of fresh strawberry and raspberry with rich cream. These favors are the perfect party gift for anyone who loves the beach or mermaids!

The large Mermaid tail measures approximately 1 oz and 4" x 2.5" in size, and the smaller Mermaid tail is approximately .5 oz and 3.25" x 2" in size.

One order contains four large and four small mermaid tails for a total of eight soaps weighing approximately 6 ounces.

A unique party favor idea for bridal and baby showers, birthdays, beach parties, clam bakes, weddings and more!

Allergy warning - people with skin sensitivities or allergies should test soap on a small area of skin. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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