Why buy handmade soap?

Great question! It’s one I may have asked myself not long ago. If you read my first blog post then you may remember that, until recently, I wasn’t even aware that you could make soap at home. Now that I do, I can never go back to brand named soap again. I’ve come to realize how much I love having complete control over the process – from the ingredients, to the scent and even the look!

Building a soap recipe is a little like baking a cake. Each ingredient has a job to do. In baking, flour provides structure; eggs are binding; baking powder causes airiness; sugar gives sweetness; water provides moisture. Mix carefully measured ingredients together, bake at 350* and viola – you have cake. Similarly, soap needs certain ingredients to make a hard, usable bar. In soaping, Sodium Hydroxide (lye) is dispersed in distilled water. The lye solution is then mixed with the oils to create a chemical reaction that will result in a totally new compound – soap! To this basic recipe you can add clays, colorants, botanicals, fragrances and more. Being able to choose all-natural ingredients means I can make a body friendly bar rich in vitamins and fatty acids that not only gently cleans with a wonderful lather, but does so in a way that leaves your skin feeling healthy and glowing. No more worrying that additives or chemicals will make me breakout. This is especially important for those of us who, like myself, suffer from eczema and sensitive skin.

Once I have the recipe down, next is my chance to really get creative! I can choose fragrance, color, even the design! Want something that looks like a flower? I can do that. Want a swirl like marble? I can do that too! The world is my oyster in that respect. It’s my second favorite thing about soaping because I love things that are pretty. I can wake up in the morning, wash my face with a beautiful bar of soap that smells good, feels good on my skin and is good for me. What a great way to start the day!

So why buy handmade soap? Because it’s good for you. Because it’s good for the environment. Because it’s beautiful and because it’s made with love and attention by someone just like you who just wants to be healthy and feel good in her own skin. I encourage you to try for yourself. Select a bar (or two) that speak to you and bring a little joy to your daily routine!

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